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1:46pm 06-17-2006
Judy, your new website is really beautiful.
8:09pm 06-14-2006
Wow Judy, Nice website! You're the first among us to enter the cyber world! Is there a significance to the daisy, or do you just like them? I have a daisy picture to show you. We'll get together soon.
12:02pm 06-14-2006
judy great job!!! we serve an awesome ""GOD"" . looks good. thanks for the help. remember i said ""GOD"" said we where going to do something together. love joann
1:49pm 05-30-2006
Robert Stansberry
Hi Judy!
Nice website. Say hello to Larry for me. Hope we can see the two of you next time we get back to Ottawa.
5:59pm 05-27-2006
mary stansberry
My email address is Take care.
6:15pm 05-26-2006
Mary Stansberry
The rest of Robert's address Sorry about that.
6:12pm 05-26-2006
Mary Stansberry
This is very nice. Robert's (my son) email address is rjstansberry@pjscomputers. Take care.
9:10pm 05-18-2006
Sharon Dryfhout
Hi Judy,
You have a wonderful website - good for you that you are finally getting up and running! Good to hear from you again. Looks like you have a very busy schedule in the months ahead.
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