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4:43am 06-09-2011
10:33am 05-12-2010
Karen Olson Morse
Was looking at your web-site, checking your schdule for August 1st. to see if you were playing in the Ottawa area as Our family will be in the area. We would have loved to hear you in person. My Brother Jim will be in the area doing a book signing.
Karen Olson Morse, Topeka, Kansas
9:57am 06-30-2009
It was great seeing you in Decatur.
10:14pm 04-20-2009
Terri Buczkowski
Hi Judy,
I just wanted to say that I was very blessed by your singing and the prophetic word you gave last night in Morris. I am looking forward to hearing you again sometime. I checked out your web site and will be looking at it again to see what the new CD you have coming out has on it.
Terri Buczkowski
10:43pm 11-16-2008
Nancy Markell
I forgot to say how uplifting your music is.. If I could only sing., It would be bass.

Nancy Markell
10:32pm 11-16-2008
Nancy Markell
Please for my sister , Beth Thomas in Leesburg , Virginia
Breast lesion
Nancy Markell
7:48am 10-10-2008
Dee Sheerer
It was such a joy to enjoy the musical fellowship with you at Lampost
Theater. Your story is one of great inspiration, very heart warming and intense. Keep up the good word. God Bless you.
3:55pm 10-09-2008
sue shirk
Enjoyed this morning brunch at Lampost Theater in Cedar Falls.
It was great to hear you again. God Bless you and your work. Sue
5:40pm 05-01-2008
Hi Judy. Just a short note to say thank you for being you.
Over the years, God has used you to do many
wonderous things. Friend in Christ, Wes Stohr

Missed you at National Day of Prayer Gathering.
7:53pm 04-10-2008
Mary Martin
Great meeting you, Mary and JoAnn in Greensburg tonight 4/10/08. I really enjoyed your testimony and singing. Hope to hear you again.
10:58pm 12-07-2007
Kathy Andrews
Hi Judy,
I just wanted t let you know how much my mom-in-law and I enjoyed your testimony & singing Wedneday,December 5th at the luncheon that was hosted by the Antioch,IL Women's Connection. It was held in Wilmot, WI. We were very blessed by it. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.
4:54pm 09-29-2007
Joanne Gebauer
Judy, Thank you for speaking at our After 5 Women's Connection Christian Women's dinner in Dubuque, IA on August 21. While you were talking you could honestly feel the Holy Spirit moving in our room. Not only I, but many felt it. 3 women asked Jesus into their heart that evening. Only 30 women were there. That's 10%. Thank you for letting God work through you. Joanne
8:35pm 04-14-2007
bea kohl
Praise the lord for your message. It was so moving enjoy your web site verry much.
Have wonderful evening
10:39am 03-16-2007
Jacky Christie
Hi Judy !! So nice to see you. You have a great website!! All the best to you !!
Jacky Christie
10:20pm 02-24-2007
craig a meagher
Hey judy just your good freind from VEMMA God bless I know the blessings are going to overwelm you The things I see are great I am so happy to be on your team because of your love for jesus and he loves you more then you could ever know you will sing his praises all the days of your life and on into heaven where we will all rejoice in the souls we have taken back from satan they belong to god and we will fufill his words he died for us so its the least we could do for christ.Jesus will show you things that you have waited for years for and now the harvest must come forth.I pray god increase you to the 1000 fold blessing you have spent plenty of time on your knees so now is the time to stand to your feet and see the lord bring forth the harvest thank you for praying and may God richly bless you.
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