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7:14pm 12-17-2006
12:47pm 12-14-2006
Barb Makos
Judy - Your music last night was wonderful. My husband and grandsons love the CD I got. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and we look forward to you coming back real soon. Keep Easter in mind as I will be talking to the council to see what they have planned.
Next time you can plan on staying at my house O.K. God Bless you and Merry Christmas.
8:14am 12-14-2006
Terri Makos
Judy - what a wonderful concert you put on last night!! You have such a beautiful voice. It was great to see you again and have you visit our new church building. May God bless you this Christmas and all thru the coming year. Thanks again for your ministry. God has truly blessed you and blessed us by sending your message to Argyle, WI.
5:34am 10-23-2006
Nancy Reimann
Judy, you are so talented and entertaining. May God continue to bless your ministry! Your talk was an inspiration to me and I believe that God may be wanting me to start working on mine, thanks for your encouragement. What information do you have on the Q cord? Nancy
4:56pm 10-18-2006
Carole Ledbetter
Hi Judy,
I'm sending your name and phone number to the Suburban Milwaukee Club where I spoke on Monday, Oct. 16. Have you spoken there? The Chair is Maxine Yahnke.
This is my first visit to your web site. I'm impressed! Love, Carole
4:23pm 10-16-2006
Jan Harvey
You made our Women's Luncheon in Minnesota just spectacular. The audience participation was great and everyone enjoyed it so much. You are a great speaker and kept the attention of the audience. We hope you will come back to Minnesota. God Bless you in all that you do.
9:28am 09-29-2006
Maggie Smith
Please send me info on Mangosteen product. i misplaced your card and don't have the website address. Thanks, Maggie
2:01pm 09-20-2006
carla morrical
Hello! I'll be leaving for work soon. I just wanted to let you know again how but I enjoyed your message. I was sorry my daughter had to miss it, Matthew is usually fairly quiet, but she always leaves the room if he causes too much disturbance. He is so much fun and he loved your music. So nice that your husband can travel with you, and share in your work, To God be the Glory! I pray he will continue to bless you and yours . Love in Christ,
8:54am 09-18-2006
Peggy Rogers
I can identify with your trials--in fact , I've been writing a book about mine. (i'm on chapter 8 of 10)! It's ONLY THE HAND OF THE LORD THAT HAS BROUGHT US TO THIS PLACE! AMEN?!
What an inspiration you were to me at Mill Creek--Stonecroft meeting. I too -got my voice back when "mistakenly" was asked to be on the praise & worship team at Lord of Life! My life hasn't been the same since!
I'd love to chat more with you!
Peggy Rogers
10:28am 08-17-2006
Barb Matson
Dear Judy -- what a blessing you were at our Wednesday morning Women's Connection Brunch. You singing was delightful and your testimony very touching. Please continue using your God given talents to inspire and entertain the world.
Love and blessings from Lincoln, NE Barb
9:53am 07-23-2006
Pam Musburger
Hi Sis
I am so proud of you for overcoming your fear of computers. You have done a beautiful job on your web site. It was fun reading your quest book and seeing the impact you have for Jesus. Love Pam
10:51am 07-15-2006
B&B Stavenhagen
Good job. It is always the Lord's blessing to have friends like you and Larry. We enjoy being with you on special occasions and just for fun, too.
6:12am 07-08-2006
Dick Ewing, Mary Ann
Well, you've been a good friend and a servant for the Lord! May God richly bless you for your service
7:37am 07-06-2006
Kathleen Shea
You are such a beautiful women inside and out ! I'm glad I have met you !
10:24pm 07-05-2006
Barbara Makos
It was so nice to see you again and am looking forward to hearing you sing for us. God Bless you and your website is great.
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